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Kindly Campaign Studio

Whether your purpose is shining a spotlight on an important cause, raising money for your organisation or simply living your brand values, Kindly offers so many exciting opportunities to connect with customers, fans and supporters in new, imaginative ways.

As with anything that seeks to engage people at a much deeper level, the focus is not the platform, but the ideas, the content and the execution of your campaign.

We offer a full range of services to help you maximise your results on Kindly.

We are overflowing with ideas and want to share them so please get in touch and let's make a difference.



Need inspiration? Have a challenge but wonder how Kindly can help? From scoping requirements to idea generation our team have the skills and proven framework to deliver value and results.


We have a large resource of creative talent available to us, covering all forms of media. Our in-house Campaign Designers will design your campaign, select the right talent and manage the creative process.


Our Producers are here to help manage your campaigns and those Creators who are involved, making sure everything is delivered on time, released according to agreed schedules and all within budget.

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