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Unleash the power of storytelling

Great stories do more than just inform. They capture imaginations, bring people together and inspire us to take action. Your journalism has the power to shine a light on injustice, restore our faith in humanity and help influence our collective consciousness.

Kindly is a launchpad for journalists who want the freedom to harness the power of their stories to drive real world action.

Watch this short video to see how Kindly can support you tell your story, fund your story and increase the size of your audience.

On Kindly, your stories inspire action. Raise awareness of the issues that matter.

Raising money made easier

Raise money for a Charity or if you need help funding your own project, Kindly makes it easy for your network, our community and sponsors to support you.

Team up to go louder

Collaborate with other Creators, Charities and Brands to combine your talents, cluster your networks and increase the reach of your campaign.

Add the human voice

Kindly can help augment your story by enabling others to contribute content, be it members of the public or other Creators. You have complete control over what content appears.

No monthly fees

Kindly is free to use. We make money by charging the standard 5% on any donation made to your campaign.

You’re in control

Kindly integrates seamlessly into your other channels so you don’t need to worry about another channel to manage. You can commit as much or as little time as you’d like. Use it regularly or take breaks. You keep all rights to your content.

We support talent

Kindly reinvests a % of all profit it makes into the Kindly Emerging Talent fund that provides support to emerging creators who want to use their talents and influence to do good.

Need some inspiration? Talk to the Kindly Campaign Studio.

We can help design, produce and connect you with the right partners for your campaign.

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