In a world full of uncertainty, inequality, and fear, we believe that creativity and collaboration has the power to change things.

Kindly represents a connected army of big-hearted creative talent from across the globe. Together, we choose optimism over despair, unity over division, action over apathy. We choose to create a difference.

Kindly is a platform for every creator, performer and influencer with a hunger to feed their soul. It’s an outlet for every creative talent craving to find meaning and purpose; A place for all those who would rather be defined by the impact of their actions than the content of their selfies.

From the celebrity performer to the aspiring kid in their bedroom: there are creators everywhere who dream of sparking imaginations, uniting crowds, and using their talents to make the world a better place. Creators, big and small, are in a unique position to inspire action and transform social networks into a powerful force for good.

Local issues > Global challenges: The old world is out of ideas. It’s time for a new wave of creative influencers to stand up and take the lead. And we are here to support them.


Our promise

We Value Creativity

For too long, creativity has been unvalued and undercut. We say NO MORE. We want creators to be able to direct their skills to worthwhile projects, and not be tied down by looming rent payments.

We Give Power To Creative Talent

It’s time to put creators and their content in the driving seat. The world needs fresh ideas and different thinking. Let’s empower creators to lead the way, their way.

We Champion Collaboration

We want creators to lead a cacophony of kindness. But everyone has a role to play and something to gain. Supporters, charities, businesses, communities: this is our time.


If you are a big-hearted creator, join the Kindly community today.

If you work for a business, a charity, or you’re just looking to support our community to create a difference, you can collaborate on campaigns, sponsor projects, or support through donations. See campaigns we love

If you simply care about HumanKind and planet Earth, you can support campaigns and help spread the word. Together we will create a difference.

Thank you for your support

Team Kindly.